A Feedback to “Roman Holiday”

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“Roman Holiday” is a film about a princess who escaped from her palace in the evening and experienced a happy day with a journalist .
As the inheritor of England, the princess visited Europe countries for better cooperation. The film began with a meeting where the princess, with a mechanical smile, shaded hands with all ambassadors. As a princess, she could not do things she likes as average people did. She could not sleep in pajamas and she envied other people could sleep with nothing at all. Everyday, she had to do what the count arranged for her, a very busy schedule. I remember the night when she wanted to take participate in the evening party, but the count said that princess was noble and should not stayed with common people. The princess said “everything we do is so wholesome”.Then, the count started to say tomorrow’s schedule, 8:30, breakfast with the embassy staff;9:00,leave for the Polinari automotive works;10:35, inspection of food and agricultural organization;10:55, the New Founding Home for orphans;11:45, conference here with the press:13:00, lunch with the Foreign Ministry,15:03, presentation of a plague; 16:10, review Special Guard of Carabinieri and 16:45, back here to change. In these activities, what and how the princess would say and what she should wear were arranged well. Finally, the princess could not stand, she shout at the count, stop!stop!stop! Then the count called the doctor to, and the doctor gave an injection to the princess. The princess pretended to be sleep and escaped after all people went out. She hidden in a dust cart and escaped from her palace successfully. On the street, she smiled happily and drank a lot. She slept on roadside, saying that I am so happy again and again. When Mr Bradely, a journalist, came up, he walked to the princess and asked her address;the princess she lived in Colosseum but Mr Bradely didn’t believe her and then took her to his own home out of kindness. In Mr Bradely’s house ,the princess said she had never been along with a man before. From this, we can see that the princess was no freedom and what she could do was limited. The second day, Mr Bradely was late for work and he lied to his boss and said he just interviewed the princess. It was not until his boss gave him the newspaper that he realized the girl lived his home was princess. He made a bet with his boss that he could make an exclusive interview for the princess. The journalist was selfish. He wanted to earned a large number of money by utilizing the princess. Then Mr Bradely came home and became so kind to the princess and lent money to the princess and followed her all the time. Even he found his fellow to take photos furtively for the princess. On a square, Mr Bradely pretended that he came across with the princess and worked as a guider for the princess. The princess had her hair cut off and bought ice cream. She said “I’d like to do just whatever I like the whole day along”, sit at a sidewalk cafe and look in shop windows, walk in the rain, have fun and excitement. Then, Mr Bradely took her to do all that she wanted to do. The princess smoked the first time and they rode an electric vehicle on the street which was very crazy. Then they went to the wishing wall. I guess that the princess wished that she could do whatever she likes everyday according to what she said that the chances of it being granted were very slight. Then they went to a wonderful place for dancing on a boat visited by a barber. When the princess was dancing happily, some men in black appeared and seized her. But Mr Badely and his friend saved her, during the moment, the princess beat that men, which she never did before. Finally they came back to Mr Bradely ‘s house and the princess realized her duty to his family and her country and she had to go. They embraced for a while. Then Mr Bradely the princess back to her palace.
After getting along with each other for a day, they realized they fell in love with each other, but they could not be together because their identity disparity.
When the princess came back home, she expressed her inner thought and she spoke for herself the first. She also said to her minister, “were I not completely aware of my duty to my family and my country, I would not have come back tonight, or, indeed, ever again.
On the last press, Mr Bradely gave up his dreaming of taking off and sent photos to the princess.
In this film, the princess was eager for freedom and she was full of curiosity to outside world. She wanted to do whatever she likes. The journalist was also eager for freedom and he hoped that he would never work under his boss and could went back to America. They both expected freedom and maybe this was reason for which they attracted each other. I love the princess best. She was a beautiful, kind, brave and responsible woman. Although she was so young, she had to shoulder the responsibility to her family and her country bravely. The most important thing was that she gave up her romantic love for her country, which I think was very great. Mr Bradely, at first I thought he was a very selfish man but at last I changed my view to him. He was also a handsome, kind and great man. In the end, he would rather lose the bet he made with his boss and gave up a lot of money than publish the princess’s photos. He also made sacrifice for the princess. I love this film very and this was my third to watch.

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